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Side Effects of Bed Bug Bites

Anybody who has ever being bitten by a bedbug will be able to tell you how extremely itchy these bites can be. And lobbying itchy is obviously a very uncomfortable condition, it is not really a serious health issue. With the ever increasing number of bedbugs being found in many places throughout the world, it is only natural that many people will be starting to wonder what the side effects can be from a bedbug bite

There are really two main problems associated with bedbug bites. The first problem is the very unpleasant itching caused by the bite. People will suffer this itching in a variety of ways, while some people are almost not affected at all after they have been bitten, the unlucky ones will develop extremely itchy and raised red welts on their skin where they have been bitten. The amount of reaction to a bedbug bite can vary between these two extremes.

Those who fit into the latter category and who are more sensitive to these bites can be at a very great risk of developing skin infections if they cannot resist the urge to scratch these bites. Excessive scratching can cause damage to the skin and this can then lead to the possibility of infections.

The other side effect of bedbug bites is actually not a physical problem but it is a psychological reaction to the knowledge that these very small bloodsucking insects are present in their beds and are making a feast on their blood while they are sleeping at night. Just knowing that these pests are in their beds is enough to cause sleeping disorders, anxiety, stress and can even lead to depression. These health issues are usually caused by the fact that a bad bedbug infestation is very difficult to overcome and that these people feel helpless and vulnerable in their beds at night.

It is not uncommon for some people to become so distressed that they are unable to sleep at night due to the fear of being bitten again will they are sleeping. These emotional side effects normally start by the victim being kept awake throughout the night by these painful itchy bites, this lack of sleep and then cause the other problems of stress and anxiety that can even lead to depression if this problem is not resolved.

Not Desease Carriers

One of the fears associated with bedbug bites is thinking that these tiny pests may be the carriers of dangerous diseases such as hepatitis or AIDS. This can be a natural fear as many other insects such as mosquitoes do have the ability to spread major diseases.

It has yet to be proven by any scientific investigation that bedbugs to transmit diseases to human beings through their bites. Even though some researchers have discovered organisms in the bodies of bedbugs that could cause disease in humans it has been considered very unlikely that these organisms could enter the human body from a bedbug bite.

It is important for people who have a problem with bedbugs in their home that they do not panic due to the unnecessary fear of contracting a major disease as a result of a bedbug bite.

The only thing that these people can do is to start out on a program designed to eradicate all bedbugs from their home. This is certainly not an easy process and will always be an ongoing situation as bedbugs are such good travellers and hitch-hikers that they can re-infest an unguarded home very quickly and easily.

There is one thing that is certain, and that is that everyone should learn how to protect their homes from bedbugs, or if they have already been invaded by these tiny pests, then they must learn how to eradicate them from their homes if they are ever going to be able to get a good sound night's sleep again.